Saturday, July 30, 2005

This is the 411 on why I'm here. . .

Hello. My name to you will be Jean. I am here for your little problems in life as well as doing some griping of my own. If you have any serious problems, then I suggest either going to a professional, or seek help from the proper authorities. I am here to not only to help you with what ever problem that you may have, but I may pitch in with a story or two that might make those who have had similar experiences, not feel so alone. I am not a doctor, or any kind of specialist. I am however a human being and do understand what life is like when things can get tough. I do not know evrything, although I always act like I do, so please do not attempt to try or even think of trying anything that may have or will be written in this blog. I am serious. This blog is for nothing more than for some friendly advice, and for those who think that they are alone. One other thing, when ever you feel like you're alone, just remember that you're not. Please write what you wish, unless you are advertising for some sort of porn site, then you can just bite it. Remember, when writing, to leave all names including your own, out. Use an alias, unless you want the world to know who you are and what problems you have. And also I will not be on this every day, so please be patient if you are looking for a response. Thank you.